Transformative Executive Coaching

Through building trusting confidential partnerships with her clients, Janis works with them to raise their self-awareness, so that they can shape their own outcomes that will inspire them to maximise their personal and professional potential.

Executive Coaching has a positive impact on leaders, their teams and the organisations they work in.

Janis’ coaching style is both supportive and challenging. She is able to hold honest conversations with Senior Leaders, whilst supporting them to build their own strategies to meet their outcomes.

Leadership Development

Leadership starts on the inside, and understanding what inspires and motivates you first will help you to role model the right behaviours and to have a positive impact on the teams you are leading.  This is life long learning, and it is never too late to spend time further developing your leadership skills.

At Bovaird Coaching we work with our clients to create bespoke Leadership Development programmes that will build lasting leadership capability.  Janis takes the time to work expertly with her clients to understand their specific needs and to shape creative solutions.

From short on line sessions, to full programmes, the Leadership Development support Bovaird Coaching offers is both engaging and impactful through highly skilled facilitation and delivery.

Team Coaching & Development

Team Coaching:

Team Coaching sessions can be used as a cost-effective way for teams to work together on achieving their business goals; shaping Strategy and Vision and strengthening team effectiveness. Solutions are mutually agreed to create real teamwork and collaboration, based on trust.

Working at a systemic level, Janis is skilled at working with the whole team and with the wider organization in mind, so as to unlock the potential and performance of both

Team Development

When teams learn how to work together, they have a greater  impact on the wider culture within their workplace.  They are able to navigate change, handle conflict and communicate well because they trust each other.  When teams trust each other they start to open up, share their thoughts and ideas and feel valued – who wouldn’t want to work in an environment like that?

Janis is highly skilled at creating thought provoking and creative ways to allow teams to work and learn together

What’s in a name?

When looking for a business name that symbolised courage, tenacity, resilience and strength, I walked to my favourite place to think.

This bench, in memory of my parents, is on the Southern Upland Way.  For many it will be a welcome place to take a rest, but for me it is a symbol of much more; this is my favourite space to think.

I didn’t realise it at the time, however my parents taught me the courage, tenacity, resilience and strength it takes to lead, inspire and be brave both professionally and personally.  They both challenged and supported me to do my best and be my best, and this has shaped my philosophy and ways of working.

So I have chosen our family name to represent my business.

If you would like a conversation about how I can support you to maximise your potential, then please get in touch.